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Our Services

We book sales meetings with companies that want what you are building

Generating leads and cold email takes consistent effort and time. We will generate leads for you while you focus on what you do best, closing deals!

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Who are we?

Your startup growth partner

Raising a seed round? Or scaling beyond your first few outbound sales?Building a profitable startup means building a powerful sales engine. The biggest reason startups fail is an inability to predictably generate sales.This is easier said than done. Most startups waste months painfully doing their own outreach or filtering through sales reps that don't fit an early-stage environment. We're here to change this.

Lets do this!
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Our Process

A targeted and researched approach

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1. Strategy

We formulate strategy for our clients based on the combination of both pain and persona of their potential leads.

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2. Lead Generation

We hunt the leads for your business while ensuring your message is always delivered.

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3. Results & Follow up Strategy

We bring you in hot leads for your business. Based on rigorous testing, we update our strategy to improve your conversion each week.

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