Purpose Path

Purpose Path scaled its sales efforts and booked 4x more meetings in just 45 days

Building focused outbound when a client has multiple offers across several industries

Result 1
B2B offers launched in just 45 days
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increase in monthly leads
Purpose Path scaled its sales efforts and booked 4x more meetings in just 45 days


Purpose Path helps clients in property management and construction with their marketing. Here is how we turned their outbound efforts around.


Prior to working with us, Purpose Path had spent four months working on outbound sales internally. They weren’t happy with the volume of responses they got, nor the quality of leads that they had as a result. 

In our first week of working together, we identified 4 key issues:

  1. Purpose Path was a great fit for many industries and use cases, but this led to a lack of targeting in their outreach
  2. Low open rates
  3. Very pitch and sales-heavy content
  4. Low sending volume

This is common in the world of services, where companies are more able to have a flexible offering than product companies might be able to.


The first step to building a strong outbound engine was getting much more targeted. This was done in two ways:

First was breaking down the target market. This required segmenting a generic offer into one that was broken down by each of their key industries, service offering, and point of contact. This meant 9 times as many campaigns running at once for testing.

Our second key initiative was highly targeted lead lists built by our research team. We identified the marketing campaigns their prospects were running, the quality of their rental listings, and their blog history to customize the outreach we sent out.

This had the biggest impact on our conversion rates compared to the templates that were previously used.


We launched 3 new offers and delivered 4 times the number of booked meetings in our first month of outreach.

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