How a Series-B startup launched its B2B offer by partnering with Zevenue

How we took a new offer to market and built twice as much sales pipeline.

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meeting booking rate from email
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How a Series-B startup launched its B2B offer by partnering with Zevenue


Even large startups can struggle to find the right channels to reach their target audience and generate qualified leads. This was the case for a Series-B B2C startup looking to launch its B2B offer. They had 6 weeks to prove that this channel could work. 


With high pressure to find product-market fit and limited room for error, the startup needed a solution to generate more qualified leads and prove the viability of their new offer.

They faced several challenges when it came to generating qualified leads consistently. 

Their open rates were only 32%, and they received very few interested responses. They also ran into multiple bans from Google due to getting caught in spam filters. Most of their sales pipeline came from conferences, but they couldn't figure out how to successfully execute cold outbound.


To help overcome these challenges, we focused on improving both their volume and their conversion. They were paying for expensive data providers, but the sales team was still manually customizing each. Our Lead Research team provided our own lead lists and built automation into the messaging which tripled their outbound output immediately.

We then wrote campaigns with more direct subject lines and shorter emails that spoke to the benefits, rather than features of the startup's offer. We also used their own custom servers for outreach, which improved deliverability and prevented them from running into bans from Google. This resolved their issues with domain reputation for both sales and non-sales related emails.


Thanks to our tailored approach, they were able to increase email opens to 50% and double their meeting booked rate from cold outreach. They also surpassed their target of 15 booked meetings per month. The success of this channel prompted the startup to hire an SDR team, and they used the foundation built by Zevenue for content, automation, and best practices for cold outreach.

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