How a remote software company scaled its sales efforts by partnering with Zevenue

How we doubled lead reliability in 3 months for their 4-person sales team.

Result 1
MQL to SQL rate in 3 months
Result 2
Increase in qualified meetings per month
How a remote software company scaled its sales efforts by partnering with Zevenue


When it comes to fixing your sales process, startups have 3 options:

  1. Fix it yourself as the founder
  2. Hope the sales team can figure it out
  3. Bring on a firm that know this process well

Here’s how Zevenue helped this client solve some issues that startups commonly face at the early stages.


Building a reliable sales process without breaking the bank is a challenge for most startups. Even when teams hire SDRs, there are a wide range of issues that they won’t be able to solve. 

Our client had 2 SDRs on their team, but they faced several challenges that they couldn’t solve internally after 6 months. 

  1. Their sales hiring brought in recent graduates who weren’t experts in sales outreach.
  2. Their leads weren’t showing up to sales calls.
  3. They had several lost leads over the past 2 years that were left untouched
  4. There were issues with their targeting which introduced a high proportion of unqualified leads into their funnel
  5. Mistakes in HubSpot that were slowing down their outreach and task delegation

Without sales development expertise on the team, the responsibility fell on the Head of Growth, who was also overwhelmed with all the other marketing initiatives that they were in charge of. They simply didn’t have the internal resources needed to make full use of their sales efforts. 


Zevenue was engaged to help solve all of these issues after they found the proposal we had submitted to be deeply insightful.

We began by launching outbound efforts in addition to their existing inbound content, which was bringing in 90% of their revenue at that point. These were 4 separate campaigns targeting their main segment, categorized by company size and location. 

We launched a separate campaign specifically engaging prospects that didn’t show up to their sales call, consisting of 2 phone calls and 2 emails. The best preventative however was the pre-meeting reminder that contained a link to the meeting. We also gave prospects the option to have the meeting through call rather than Zoom, which was ideal for this particular segment.

After digging into HubSpot, we uncovered 700 qualified leads that were yet to complete their sales process that the sales team had left untouched. We put them into a separate campaign to re-engage them based on the particular reason they had fallen out of the sales cycle. This proved to be the most effective channel, as the re-engagement campaign took off immediately. 

To solve the issue of unqualified candidates, we introduced 4 questions to the meeting page that would tell us immediately if this prospect was qualified or not. While this did have a minor impact on link sign-up completion (<3%), this removed 40% of the sales pipeline that were never going to end up becoming customers. 

This was key, as the SDR team was overburdened and leaving high-quality leads in the pipeline in their effort to tend to each of the prospects in their calendar. The prospects that showed potential to become leads in the future were added to a check-in campaign one year later. 


  • Doubled SQL rate in 3 months
  • Cutting down no-show rate by 37%
  • 65% increase in qualified meetings per month
  • Freed SDRs up by 40% so they could focus more on larger prospects. Kicked off the shift to focus on their upmarket segment

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