Beating sales targets selling to Shopfiy brands

How to go from low email conversion to booking large sales deals

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sales meetings booked in 90 days
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Beating sales targets selling to Shopfiy brands


Ecommerce is one of the most competitive spaces to build sales pipeline in. This is how we broke through the noise for a software company selling to growing Shopify brands.  


Most clients come to us to build out their outbound motion so they can quickly test in their target market and move towards booking more consistent sales meetings. This wasn’t our client’s first attempt at this, however.

They had been running campaigns internally in the year prior to working with us - these campaigns had high open rates but didn't convert as well as they needed. This is a common problem in the crowded ecommerce space where merchants receive too many emails. They needed a way to break through the noise and get their messages noticed by the right people. This had to be done quickly to hit revenue targets, so they couldn’t spend months waiting for a new hire to learn how to do this on the go.

They were also tired of the bland, generic messaging most startups receive from sales outreach. They wanted to test out experimental ideas quickly in order to find new and innovative ways to engage with their target audience. They also needed high-quality, relevant, detailed data on their target market to inform their marketing efforts and help them understand their audience better.


To help them overcome these challenges, we took a targeted and personalized approach. This can only be done with accurate, detailed data. We broke down the entire target market by revenue, subscription tool, product sold, and growth potential. This allowed us to understand the competitive landscape and build campaigns that were tailored to very specific use cases. Our research team then identified the specific products that each store was selling, so each email sent could be targeted based on their best-selling product, as well as their current solution and its’ weaknesses in comparison to our client. 

This personalized approach helped us take a massive leap in conversion. The data we enriched and refreshed was also invaluable for Upscribe's marketing efforts, as it allowed them to understand their target audience and tailor their messaging accordingly.


We booked 69 sales meetings with some of the fastest-growing Shopify brands, and hit Q2 sales targets. Through our work, we validated email as an effective outreach channel that they could rely on when expanding their team. We also helped lay the foundation for the data, content, and processes for future sales and marketing efforts. Our most effective campaigns helped with new content to rebuild their website and run targeted ads, leading to even more growth.

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